KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 21 ― A couple in Ocean Springs, Mississippi has been inundated with comments comparing their rescue dog to actor Samuel L Jackson after they posted a photo of the pup on social media.

Amber West had shared a photo of her dog, Dr Handsome, on a Facebook page Dogspotting Society where many responded the dog looked like the 72-year-old Pulp Fiction actor.

“Am I the only one seeing Samuel L. Jackson in him? I expect him to call me a mofo any moment,” Daily Mail quoted Ky Spangenberg as commenting on the post.

Another Facebook user attributed the resemblance to Dr Handsome's toothy grin.

After reading the comments, Amber said she and her husband, Jordan, see the similarities too.

“I definitely do see the resemblance now everyone has mentioned it,” she said.

“We've been told 'he's so human' a lot and we agree. He's the best boy.”

Amber said people in their neighborhood also stop them while they take him on walks to comment on his human-like appearance.

Dr Handsome ― previously known as Tibby ― was rescued from a shelter.

The couple changed his name to Dr Handsome after the adoption because they believed it was “more fitting”.

He will be three in January.