PETALING JAYA, Aug 9 — Non-governmental organisation United Sikhs Malaysia has been helping citizens in need of oxygen concentrators while isolating at home since April this year.

But now its president Sunil Shukbir said demand had increased with NGO receiving 1,500 phone calls from people in the Klang Valley in the past 72 hours, asking for oxygen concentrators as hospitals are overwhelmed with Covid-19 patients.

“Many are also in need of the concentrators at home as there is no place for them in the hospital,” he said.

He said the initiative known as ‘Home Covid Care’ started in April this year where oxygen concentrators and oximeters are lent to those who are isolating at home for a period of two weeks.

So far, Sunil said around 40 oxygen concentrators have been distributed to citizens since April this year.

“We purchased the oxygen concentrators from a local supplier and lent them to anyone in need irrespective of their background or race.

“However, anyone in need of the concentrators needs a doctor’s permission before our team of volunteers will distribute them to their homes.”

The machines are cleaned and serviced before they are lent out to the next recipient.

He added that among the reasons why some people needed oxygen concentrators was because they could not afford to purchase one that would cost at least RM1,000.

Not just that, those who have the means to pay for the machine don’t have the time to wait for a week or so before the concentrators can be delivered to their homes.

“Many have been asking and requesting for oxygen concentrators including daily wage earners and senior citizens.

“Yesterday, I went to a few local suppliers and was surprised to find that the oxygen concentrators were all out of stock.

“Luckily, I managed to buy four today.”

The president said that the team has been working hard including volunteer distributors and in-house doctor Dr Simeren Kaur who is leading the team.

The team plans to purchase another 50 oxygen concentrators to be distributed by the end of the week and hopes that the public can donate to the good cause.

“We really hope to serve our fellow Malaysians and our team is working hard by responding to messages and calls for anyone in need,” he said.

Anyone who wants to donate to the good cause can contribute directly to United Sikhs Malaysia’s CIMB Account number 8007556724.

Please WhatsApp bank slip to 012-2140515 or email to [email protected] for official receipts.