Ipoh food delivery rider skips time off for a break to help elderly man on punctured motorcycle (VIDEO)

The elderly man was struggling to keep his motorbike from falling over. — Twitter screenshot
The elderly man was struggling to keep his motorbike from falling over. — Twitter screenshot

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PETALING JAYA, Jan 4 — No matter the weather, delivery riders are always “on the job” as they ride around tirelessly every day to earn a living. 

When Ipoh food delivery rider Mohamad Amir Hazim Zamzuri finally had some time to take a short breather during his busy day delivering orders, he didn’t think twice when an elderly man on a faulty motorbike came to him for help.



Amir, 19, said in a post uploaded onto his Twitter page last week that the old man, approximately in his 50s, asked if Amir could escort him to the Baitulmal office located nearby, as the man was on his way to apply for financial assistance. 

Amir told mStar that he had just stopped to take a break at a car park in Ipoh, when the elderly man — who was covered in sweat — approached him. 

“It was around 2:40pm when I saw the old uncle. He looked tired and seemed to be in a rush as he asked me if I could give him a ride to the Baitulmal and Zakat Collection Centre office in Ipoh because he had a punctured back tyre,” said Amir. 

“I wanted to help him, but I couldn’t take a pillion rider with me while on duty and my bike didn’t have much space because with the food delivery bag on it.

“I felt really bad for not taking him on my bike because he looked so tired and sweaty, and was probably riding for a long time before meeting me.”

Despite not being able to offer him a lift, Amir said he didn’t feel right to just leave the man to continue his journey by himself. 

“At first, I told him that I would escort him to a workshop so that he can fix his tyre but he was more concerned that he wouldn’t make it in time to apply for aid.

“So I told him that I would ride behind him all the way to his destination to ensure that he has a safe journey,” said Amir. 

“His bike is still okay, it’s just that the back tyre isn’t really stable. So I figured that I could guide him on which roads were safer to use since I ride around Ipoh all the time for work.”

Amir, who has been working part-time as a food delivery rider since July last year said that he didn’t mind accompanying the elderly man as it only took about 10 minutes with the Baitulmal office being only four kilometres away from where they met. 

“Luckily, the journey there was smooth and the old uncle reached safely. Even though he looked tired, he seemed relieved that he got there in time,” he said. 

“Thankfully I didn’t get any orders coming in while escorting him. I only got a notification for an order when we were reaching his destination.”

Amir, who hails from Bota, Perak, added that he didn’t have time to properly talk to the elderly man either, as he was only worried about making it to the Baitulmal office in time. 

“I didn’t ask him much because he was flustered. 

“His clothes were shabby and it seems like he is more underprivileged than most. 

“I think that without the aid, he wouldn’t be able to fix his bike which is why he was so determined to get to the office in Ipoh,” said the 19-year-old.

“When we reached, I checked my wallet and gave him what I had. It may not be much but I hope and pray that he gets the aid he desperately needs.”

Amir’s post has since garnered over 4,000 likes and shares on Twitter, with many social media users praising the teenager for his willingness to help the old man. 



Amir’s act of goodwill also got the attention of Grab Malaysia, who commended the rider for his kindness.

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