Malaysia’s halal matchmaking love camp to help weed out scammers and liars, promises genuine candidates (VIDEO)

The Kem Dapat Jodoh is free exclusively for Bukit Besi residents. — Picture courtesy of Nor Daayah Abdullah
The Kem Dapat Jodoh is free exclusively for Bukit Besi residents. — Picture courtesy of Nor Daayah Abdullah

KUALA LUMPUR, August 19 — Attention to all singles, widows and widowers included — Malaysia’s halal matchmaking camp is making a comeback this October in Dungun, Terengganu.

“Kem Dapat Jodoh” (KDJ), organised by local entrepreneur consultancy firm, NDA Training Consultancy aims to help Muslim singles to find their other half.

According to KDJ founder Nor Daayah Abdullah, the reason they chose to organise the event is to provide Muslim singles a safe platform for them to find love, and protecting them from being scammed online.

“I have a lot of friends online who’d usually complain to me about how hard it is for them to find a good partner.

“Be it men or women, both have faced the same problem online which is being scammed or lied to and it is challenging for them to find a genuine partner.”

“Thus came the idea for this programme where we have implemented a filtration system,” Nor told Malay Mail.

Nor added that they would filter out candidates by asking them to present death certificates for widows and widowers and divorce certificates for divorcees.

Bachelors will have to sign a letter of acknowledgment which will be provided by the organisers beforehand.

Participants will then get the chance to meet their potential match face to face through the “Taaruf” session which is a five-minute Syariah-compliant matchmaking session.

Not only participants get the chance to meet their “future” partner through the Taaruf session, KDJ also offers participant tips on improving themselves and will give lectures on marriage and soulmates based on the Islamic principles.

Participants registering for the Kem Dapat Jodoh 2018 in Putrajaya. — Picture courtesy of Nor Daayah Abdullah
Participants registering for the Kem Dapat Jodoh 2018 in Putrajaya. — Picture courtesy of Nor Daayah Abdullah

“The camp is meant to be a place to improve oneself and gain knowledge as well as meeting the right candidates through the ‘Taaruf’ session.

“So the programme will start with lectures on soulmates, marriage and also the Fardhu Ain (obligatory acts) in Islam. Only then will we start with the Taaruf session where everyone can participate by abiding to social distancing.”

“For the Taaruf session, we will give participants five minutes for them to introduce themselves and get to know each other,” she said adding that participants are allowed to exchange contact numbers. 

Besides that, the organisers have prepared personality tests and activities that are designed to read the participants’ characters and traits.

“Besides helping participants find their true love, our objective is also to help in preventing extramarital and premarital affairs,” she said.

The first KDJ was held in 2018 at Putrajaya where they had received over 500 participants.

Nor also added that most of the women who participated in the first KDJ were successful women and she even said that some of the first batch participants have already tied the knot.

“At first I was sceptical to do it because of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I was scared that there would be no response.

“But to my surprise, just like the first one, we have been getting non-stop messages and calls,” she said.

They are however only able to accommodate 100 participants this time, following the government’s standard operating procedure (SOP).

The event, which is organised with help from Bukit Besi state assemblyman Roslee Daud will see a special promotion for Bukit Besi residents where they can join the camp for free.

According to Roslee, among reasons for having the camp in Dungun is to give single parents in the area another chance at finding love.

“When it comes in finding their soulmates for these single parents, it is not the same as the younger generation.

“They’re a bit shy so it’s hard for them to find a suitable partner and same goes to single mothers, who are lonely at home, they also want to find a new partner and through KDJ, it can give them the chance that they need,” Roslee told Malay Mail.

Roslee admitted that there are a lot of widows, widowers and single parents living in the Bukit Besi area and KDJ can be of great help to them.

“I hope that this programme will turn out to be a success especially to Bukit Besi residents and even if they don’t manage to find love at the camp, at least they can gain knowledge in the importance of having a family,” he said.

Kem Dapat Jodoh was originally divided into four dates at four different locations for this year, but due to the pandemic, the other three dates have been postponed.

The KDJ will take place at the main hall of Bukit Besi Golf Club in Dungun on October 31 starting from 9am until 6pm.

A RM50 participation fee will be charged for non-residents of Bukit Besi and it will include a three-course meal along with gift bags, for more information regarding KDJ, please click here.

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