Sara Sampaio, Doutzen Kroes, Olivia Palermo: Fashion icons' lockdown looks

Sara Sampaio posts natural looks on social networks, while she takes advantage of quarantine to let her skin breathe. ― Picture via Instagram/Sara Sampaio
Sara Sampaio posts natural looks on social networks, while she takes advantage of quarantine to let her skin breathe. ― Picture via Instagram/Sara Sampaio

PARIS, March 24 ― Accustomed to constant travelling and instagramming from the four corners of the globe, the world's leading fashion icons have taken a break from posting their usual trove of scintillating snaps. Instead, they are eager to divert and entertain with inspiring images of living under lockdown. Gone are the glamorous gowns and extravagant finery they so often bring to social networks. These have been replaced by more accessible outfits that offer a host of ideas for at-home chic. From such fashion luminaries as Sara Sampaio, Doutzen Kroes and Olivia Palermo, here are some looks that show how to stay in like an influencer and rest up like a runway star.

Au naturel like Sara Sampaio

The Portuguese model and New York resident, who has complied with Governor Cuomo's order to stay at home, is taking advantage of an opportunity to spend more time with her faithful companion. While the world battles with the virus, the young woman has set aside her evening dresses and stilettos for a simple pair of jeans and a velvety forest-green sweater. A classic look that is enhanced by a decision — one that many of us have taken — not to bother with makeup.



Quarantine is best with dogs, so if you can please foster a dog! :))

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Laid-back like Doutzen Kroes

For her stint of self-imposed quarantine, the Dutch top model is spending time with family comfortably attired in a sweatsuit. It is not often that we get to see the runway star in such a laidback outfit, which, although it suits her down to the ground, makes the rest of us feel less guilty. As a general rule, and because it is important to see the positive side of the current situation, a lot of celebrities are taking advantage of the order to stay home to connect with their nearest and dearest.



During the time me and my family socially distancing ourself as much as possible I have focused on self care and trying to stay out of fear and anxiety. Reflecting on what I have been doing all these years and what the future might bring. I’m present more then ever and learning a thing or two again because of homeschooling😜 Sunnery and I have spend hours talking about what’s next, what is the lesson and how sad it is for many people who need to close down their businesses for the time being or longer and for those affected by the virus and their families and loved ones. And of course those on the front lines to fight the virus! Because everything is so uncertain and because a lot of people’s minds are occupied with worries, sadness and disbelief about what’s next I decided to postpone my #doutzendiaries @youtube episode that was planned for today. I found this beautiful quote in my email from the @thepowerpath that I try to live by at the moment that I would like to share with you: Energetically, viruses and parasites feed on fear which is a lower vibration. Humor, beauty, trust, love and joy are all of a higher vibration and a better place to be right now. Be smart, pay attention, and follow your intuition. Much love and stay safe ❤️🙏

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Refined like Olivia Palermo

“Yes” to quarantine, but not in any old outfit! This appears to be the message in the latest snaps from influencer, designer and model Olivia Palermo. The young woman has shared a photo in which she sports a silver-gray two piece with glossy white heels. An elegant combination that brings together chic and comfort at home.



Treating every day like Sunday 💕🐶

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Bohemian chic like Sofia Richie

The American top model is complying with the public order to stay home, but there is no question of letting herself go. In her latest Instagram post, she strikes a pose in an immense study, wearing a satin print pantsuit with her hair done up in a chignon. The look is enlivened by the addition of sizable jewels. Is this a strategy to forget “quarantine”?


Elegant in pyjamas like Emily DiDonato

Staying in like her colleagues, the American catwalk star has found “the” outfit that many of us would like to wear for an everyday stroll: a simple pair of pyjamas. But it goes without saying, the look has little to do with the shapeless cartoon-print nightwear that many of us have in our closets, these are deep blue satin pyjamas which have been carefully selected to set off the captivating color of Ms. DiDonato's eyes. ― AFP-Relaxnews


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