No adoption for viral stray dog Bruno Puchong until he’s healthy, says animal rights activist

Bruno Puchong is under quarantine at the vet for now. — Picture from Freedom for Puchong & Friends
Bruno Puchong is under quarantine at the vet for now. — Picture from Freedom for Puchong & Friends

PETALING JAYA, Nov 5 — Bruno Puchong, the stray dog that made headlines after a dramatic capture by the Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) that went viral, is being cared for by the Malaysian Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) since his release from the dog pound on Friday.

MIAR founder and animal rights activist Puspa Rani told Malay Mail that the canine seemed scared every time he saw a leash, leaving carers unable to take him for walks.

“Only yesterday they managed to walk him,” Puspa said today.

Bruno Puchong, who is currently being cared for by the non-profit’s panel veterinary clinic is under quarantine.

He has tested negative for a range of canine viruses including parvovirus but blood tests show that the dog is anaemic.

Until the canine’s blood count returns to a healthy level, only then can he receive the necessary vaccinations.

“The dog can only be given his vaccinations once his red blood count is at a normal reading.

“He will be given his first course of vaccination after 14 days and a second dose after 30 days,” she said.

Once Bruno Puchong is vaccinated, he will be neutered.

Puspa added that he will be up for adoption after receiving a clean bill of health.

While the public has shown a great amount of interest to adopt Bruno Puchong, things have since calmed down after his release from MPSJ’s dog pound on Friday.

“There are a lot of other Brunos at the shelter waiting to be adopted,” she said.

MPSJ released the stray after keeping him at the pound for 29 days.

According to a press statement but Lawyers for Animal Rights on Friday, MPSJ did not provide “any valid or justifiable reason.”

Malay Mail has reached out to MPSJ for comment.

Last month, Bruno Puchong became a viral sensation when a passerby named Koh Meng Tat got into a heated argument with council workers after pleading with them to not use force on the stray during the dog catching exercise.

Bruno Puchong got his name after SJ Echo editor Teoh Teik Hoong visited him at the MPSJ dog pound and named him after the area where the incident happened while Bruno is what Koh called him.

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