Korean star Song Hye Kyo spills her beauty secrets

Song Hye Kyo in Singapore to celebrate the global launch of Laneige Perfect Renew. — TODAY pic
Song Hye Kyo in Singapore to celebrate the global launch of Laneige Perfect Renew. — TODAY pic

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SINGAPORE, Nov 20 — How does a face that brought to life some of Korea’s most beloved TV characters over the past 15 years remain so flawless?

For Song Hye-kyo, it is all in the details.

“I think using anti-ageing products really helps; the (sooner), the better you know?” shared the 34-year-old actress who was in Singapore to celebrate the global launch of Laneige Perfect Renew — the beauty brand’s age-defying skincare line.

“My mother told me it’s better to start using anti-ageing, even at a young age. Especially since I’m an actress and I’m constantly under stage lights or exposed to a lot of sunlight.”

And the Laneige ambassador knows exactly what she is talking about, because like the rest of us regular folk, even famous jet-setting actresses have pertinent skincare concerns.

“Because of filming, I have to constantly put make-up on. Also, I usually fly abroad to shoot films and for interviews, so I spend a lot of time inside planes, and I feel that my skin gets very dry,” she said.

“To keep the skin moist throughout my travels, and within a tight schedule, moisture care is necessary. And skin ageing originates from dry skin. So before I go to bed, I use my Laneige Perfect Renew Regenerator, and sometimes, I use Water Bank Essence, too.”

The Perfect Renew Regenerator is part of Laneige’s new and improved Perfect Renew range, which features new technologies said to promote cell energy metabolism and work towards improving signs of ageing, and prevent dryness, dullness, roughness and wrinkles.

The actress, widely considered one of the most beautiful women in Korea, did, however, confess that because of her busy schedule, she is unable to devote a lot of time to skin care.

“So, instead, I just concentrate on hydration, and of course my night-care routine,” she said, sharing her penchant for the Laneige Water Sleeping Pack.

For Song, who shot to fame with K-dramas such as Autumn In My Heart (2000) and Full House (2004), her youthful glow belies her many years in the entertainment industry.

Recently seen on the silver screen in Chinese movies such as Wong Kar-wai’s The Grandmaster, Annie Yi’s The Queens and John Woo’s epic The Crossing Part 1 and 2, she will be returning to her TV roots in the highly-anticipated Korean drama Descendants Of The Sun.

“I haven’t taken on a lively character like this in a Korean production in a long time,” she shared.

“I started Full House when I was 24 years old and I was so young. And now, Dr Kang Mo-yeon — this new character I play — is way more mature. You could say she’s the grown-up version of my Full House character.”

So, for an all grown-up and sanguine Song, which body part is she most confident of?

“As I am an actress, and I’m sure many other actresses will say the same thing, the eyes are the most important.

“So, I think the part of my body I am most confident of are my eyes.” — TODAY

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