Connor’s Stout Porter brew is now available in canned version in Malaysia

Connor’s Stout Porter introduced its iconic draught stout experience now in cans. — Picture courtesy of Carlsberg Malaysia
Connor’s Stout Porter introduced its iconic draught stout experience now in cans. — Picture courtesy of Carlsberg Malaysia

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KUALA LUMPUR, April 8 — Fans of Connor’s Stout Porter can now have the iconic draught stout experience in the comfort of their homes.

The new version of the crafty stout porter under Carlsberg Malaysia, retains the creamy head and gentle “roasty” undertones that is freshly served at bars.

To achieve this, the British-inspired brew is double-dosed with nitrogen before canning to maintain its iconic smooth head and fine cascading effect when freshly poured.

Fans can easily recreate the draught stout experience wherever they are through a serving ritual unique to Connor’s Stout Porter in cans.

To do so, the can needs to be chilled to between five and eight degree Celsius.

Before opening, the can then needs to be shaken gently until there is no sound to ensure the nitrogen is mixed evenly into the brew.

Lastly, open the can and pour at a 45-degree angle into a clean glass and enjoy the cascading effect while waiting for the creamy head to form.

Carlsberg Malaysia marketing director Caroline Moreau said they are proud to introduce another innovation with Connor’s Draught in a can, giving stout lovers the opportunity to ‘Taste the Good Times’ anywhere, anytime.

“With our first-ever use of nitrogen double-dosing in a can — which is also a first among all Carlsberg markets globally — consumers can now enjoy Connor’s draught experience both at home and at their favourite bars.

“As a bonus, the new shake-before-opening ritual is not only surprising and fun, it’s also crucial in recreating the look and taste of premium stout straight from the draught tap.”

With Connor’s Stout Porter now in cans, Moreau said consumers can enjoy Carlsberg Malaysia’s full portfolio of quality beers, stouts and ciders in the comfort of their own home, whether while practising social distancing or simply enjoying a brew with friends and family.

Inspired by the original British Stout Porter recipe from the 1700s, Connor’s Stout Porter is currently available in Malaysia and Singapore and is fully brewed using a unique blend of four premium malts including lager malt, caramel malt, brown malt and roasted barley for a unique balance of bitterness and robustness with gentle roasted caramel and coffee undertones.

Connor’s cans come in 320ml and 500ml sizes in a stylish design inspired by British pubs and will be available at supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and selected bars, bistros and restaurants.

To give consumers a first taste of the new innovation, a total of 9,000 Connor’s cans will be given away for free at participating 7-Eleven and MyNews outlets from April 15 while stocks last.

All you have to do is to register at where a unique redemption code will be given upon successful registration.

Consumers can also top up just RM1 to get a 320ml can of Connor’s with any purchase on Carlsberg’s official stores on Shopee and Lazada, as well as of Carlsberg brands on Potboy and Pandamart.

At participating supermarkets, hypermarkets and convenience stores, simply purchase RM25 and above of four-can packs of Connor’s to participate in the Connor’s Taste the Pub experience and stand a chance to win limited-edition Connor’s playing cards, coaster sets, and the grand prize of a 24-can carton of Connor’s on the spot.

With any purchase of three full pints or six half-pints at participating bars and bistros serving draught Connor’s, consumers will get a free 320ml Connor’s can while stocks last and a chance to participate in the national consumer promo contest between April 19 and May 23. 

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