For its 60th anniversary, Renault's 4L takes to the air

Renault presents the AIR4 show car, in collaboration with TheArsenale. ― Picture courtesy of Renault
Renault presents the AIR4 show car, in collaboration with TheArsenale. ― Picture courtesy of Renault

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PARIS, Nov 27 ― Renault is set to showcase the AIR4, an original show car largely inspired by the French automaker's famous 4L. This latest iteration takes the form of a futuristic flying vehicle with four large propellers. It will be on display at the Atelier Renault in Paris before leaving for the United States in early 2022.

In collaboration with TheArsenale, a marketplace specializing in the future of mobility, Renault is unveiling AIR4, a unique and particularly innovative show car heavily inspired by the iconic Renault 4. It was imagined, designed, developed and assembled entirely in France, at the heart of Europe's leading technology park in Sophia Antipolis, in the Alpes-Maritimes region surrounding Nice.

The vehicle, entirely designed in carbon fiber, keeps the same lines and proportions as the original 4L. It flies thanks to four double propellers, with the chassis placed in the centre of the frame. The vehicle is powered by lithium polymer batteries. It can reach a maximum horizontal speed of 26 m/s (94 km/h) and fly up to 700 m altitude.

The show car will have its world premiere in Paris, at the Atelier Renault, from Monday, November 29 to the end of 2021, before heading to the United States ― to Miami and then to New York ― before later stopping off in Macau.

The Renault 4 will soon be revived in the form of an electric crossover expected on the market by 2025. It will take on some of the features of the original R4, and will be based on the same technical platform as the upcoming electric Renault 5.

The Renault 4L celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2021. The legendary car sold more than 8 million units in over 100 countries during its 30-year life. ― ETX Studio

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