TOKYO, Oct 28 ― The Japanese startup Icoma presents the Tatamel Bike, an innovative concept for an ultra-compact folding electric motorcycle that could be stored under a desk, for example.

The Tatamel is a compact motorcycle that can reach 40km/h and is equipped with a battery offering up to 50km of range.

Once fully folded, this motorcycle, designed by Icoma, is less than 70cm tall and just 26cm wide. This means it can be easily stored almost anywhere. To achieve this, the handlebars, and the front and the back of the bike fold and lock in place in just a few seconds. Once folded, the bike is extremely easy to handle, as it rolls and drags like a suitcase. Its two imposing side panels can also be easily customized.

The Tatamel is a project that's at prototype stage, and is thus still in development, but Icoma is looking to make it a production model one day. In the meantime, a 1/12 scale model is on sale for ¥6,600 (around RM240.80).

Note that Japanese designers have already shown particular creativity in this field. One year ago, the University of Tokyo and a startup called Mercari presented the “pomio” concept (for “POrtable and Inflatable MObility”), an electric motorcycle that also happened to be inflatable!

In any case, the idea is to help people get around with a clean vehicle that can be easily folded and stored as and when needed, whether in a parking lot, at home or at work. ― ETX Studio