Thank you, Tun M — Ku Ali

MARCH 2 — In light of everything that had happened, Malaysians must appreciate Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for what he had done for us. The way we, ordinary Malaysians, chose to react during the most recent political drama was admirable.

The calm dignity of the Malaysian public and our refusal to be used as pawns in this political fiasco is a testament to our (Malaysian public) maturity in dealing with bizarre behaviours from those who claim to represent us in Parliament.

Our readiness to respond with dignity and maturity for the sake of the nation is in huge part attributed to the lessons that Tun M had imparted on us.

Thank you, Tun M, for convincing us to replace Tun Abdullah and accept Datuk Seri Najib Razak as our prime minister in 2009. Now we know by experience what it means to live under a leader who is in it mainly for personal interests.

Perhaps, next time we would be more cautious and contemplative in considering advice of similar nature.

Thank you, Tun M, for putting aside personal history and working with your past opponents in order to bring Pakatan Harapan (PH) to Putrajaya.

Your willingness to form a most unlikely alliance with Anwar Ibrahim and the Democratic Action Party (DAP) — two entities that you consistently warn Malaysians against — is an exemplary act of humility in the pursuit of a particular goal.

And due to this sacrifice, Malaysians have personally experienced how parties such as DAP, PKR, Amanah, and Bersatu act when given power.

Now that Malaysians have experienced being governed by all the major political parties (both government and Opposition), we are in a better position to compare, contrast and evaluate with real life experiences the government that best suits us.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience both sides of the political spectrum. It will help us be better informed the next time we vote (whenever that may be).

Thank you, Tun M, for reminding us “that the Manifesto is not a bible” after PH won Putrajaya. You had taught and conditioned us to have a realistic expectationof our politicians when it comes to delivering promises and holding on to principles. You taught us not to be dogmatic in our approach to politics.

Thus, when we witnessed politicians scrambling and switching sides every few hours these past few days, we were mentally prepared. The public did not panic nor had a nervous breakdown. Life went on as usual.

Nothing extraordinary occurred except the news becoming the most popular TV show. Thank you for preparing us so well for this moment.

Thank you, Tun M, for refusing to handover the premiership to Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. We are sure you have your reasons (which hopefully, if you are generous enough, can be shared with us).

From our perspective, Anwar is such a divisive figure, even within his own party. He had not proven his ability to command adequate respect from his own party members and reconcile the diverging interests among them.

And the sort of harm that members of his party are fond of inflicting on each other... That is exactly the sort of drama that we can do without.

If they can act like that to each other, what guarantee of security do Malaysians who do not share their political vision have under their leadership?

Thank you, Tun M, for resigning and forcing the politicians to reveal their true colours. Although it is still not clear where they stand and what their goals are (can we trust politicians with anything?), at least we know that they are a special breed which needs to be examined more closely.

Through this episode, Tun M had taught us a very important life lesson, especially for the young who are building up their career: No one is indispensible.

If you choose to resign, you better be sure that you are sure, as your boss may not want you back if you change your mind. Thank you, Tun M, for using yourself to illustrate this lesson.

Through all these lessons, Tun M had proven to be a most effective education minister. He educated us about the realities of life, and that is more powerful and valuable than any certificates (which, in any case, can be faked).

Because of you, Malaysians can have a greater chance of surviving the machinations of politics (provided we remember him and his lessons).

Rest well, Tun M. You deserve it.

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malay Mail.

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