NEW YORK, July 4 — After the era of web-connected smart glasses comes the era of AI-powered smart glasses. The US startup Solos Smartglasses has announced the forthcoming launch of a new range of camera-equipped glasses featuring ChatGPT, in the same vein as Meta’s Ray-Bans.

These Solos smart glasses, powered by ChatGPT, should enable users to ask any question and receive answers straight away. Thanks to artificial intelligence, users will also be able to translate conversations in real time, as well as request to make calls, send text messages, set alarms and manage navigation tools.

In their camera version, the glasses will be able to help provide various kinds of information about the surrounding environment, from local weather to points of interest nearby, thanks to the performance of the GPT-4o model.

With its interchangeable frame system, you can opt for a version with or without a camera, depending on your needs. However, no price or availability has yet been announced for these new glasses, named the “AirGo Vision.”


On paper, this range competes with the latest generation of Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses, which feature the in-house Meta AI intelligent assistant.

These glasses offer the possibility of accessing information in real time, translating menus or various instructions. You can even ask the glasses to tell you jokes.

It should be noted, however, that Meta AI still does not have authorisation to be deployed in Europe, not least because of the way in which the assistant collects and reuses data from its users (Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp). — ETX Studio