KUALA LUMPUR, June 15 — The Yoodo brand is shutting down on 29 August 2024 and existing users will be automatically transitioned to CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G. If you’re wondering what will happen to your current personalised Yoodo plan, we have contacted CelcomDigi to find out more.

CelcomDigi has reiterated that Yoodo users will be able to enjoy their existing plans after 29th August 2024 under CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G. They confirmed that all existing plan options on Yoodo will be retained such as the current popular 20GB for RM20 data offering. This is good news for Yoodo users who prefer their current plan over CelcomDigi Prepaid’s offering.

As mentioned in their FAQ, there will be no extra charges for users to remain on their existing plan under CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G and they can continue using the plan with their existing SIM.

Since the official Yoodo app is the only platform that allows users to customise their plan, CelcomDigi says the Yoodo app can still be used as of now. Further information will be provided later.To recap, Yoodo will cease accepting new sign-ups and new SIM card requests starting 19th June 2024. Existing Yoodo customers are given three options: Stay on with Yoodo until the plan transitions to CelcomDigi Prepaid 5G, port out their current number to another telco or terminate their current Yoodo service completely. — Soya Cincau