SAN FRANCISCO, June 8 ― The alternative search engine DuckDuckGo, known for its respect for user privacy, is launching a new free, anonymous online service offering access to multiple AI chatbots. Could it be enough to convince even the most reluctant internet users to try out generative AI?

With DuckDuckGo AI Chat, any internet user can now try conversing with some of the most advanced large language models: GPT-3.5 Turbo from OpenAI, Claude 3 Haiku from Anthropic, Llama 3 70B from Meta, and Mixtral 8x7B from French company Mistral AI. The tool can be accessed at Users can then easily switch from one model to another.

The benefit of this service lies in its privacy-focused approach, since chats here are guaranteed to be anonymous and untraceable (users' IPs are replaced by DuckDuckGo's). Your queries will therefore not be used to train these models.

This service is particularly relevant at a time of growing concern about online privacy, on the part of both private individuals and professionals. Historically, DuckDuckGo has strived to provide privacy-friendly solutions, removing any metadata that could be picked up by third parties before each query is sent.

Use of this feature is free, but subject to an unspecified limit of prompts per day. However, DuckDuckGo does not rule out the possibility of offering a paid-for option for those wishing to benefit from an unlimited service. ― ETX Studio