KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 19 — Multi-talented K-pop star Jay Park is back with a new single Bite. The music video for the song is taking a different tack from his previous MVs, utilising cool webtoon-style graphics by popular webtoon artist Namon.

The video, directed by Kyu Ha Kim who has won various accolades in South Korea's advertising industry for his work, was created on the iPad.

Bite's music video is a trippy ride with bright colours and an Alice in Wonderland-kind of feel as we see an animated Park fall through an infinite-seeming animated universe.

Artist Namon who is a long-time iPad user said the collaboration was her first time trying out 3D drawing on the device, and said in a statement that she was "especially happy that I got to fully express the emotions and imagery that this song conjured up in me with some amazing iPad apps."

What apps in particular were used on the iPad? Among them were popular graphics programme Clip Studio Paint that is much beloved among illustrators and online artists, and Mental Canvas Draw that allows users to place their drawings in a virtual space. It also incorporates one of the iPad's star apps, Procreate.

As to how much of the work was actually done on the iPad, most of it, including initial illustrations and preliminary editing, was actually done on the iPad.

Director Kyu, also an iPad fan, called the project a new challenge and fun experience. He described the project as "a unique melding of Jay’s song and Namon’s drawings."

He also encouraged watchers of the video to look out for little details, Easter eggs and hidden meanings scattered throughout. That certainly sounds like a good way to encourage viewers to rewatch the video.

Important question: Is the song any good? I'd say it's a very chill track that is in keeping with Park's R&B leanings but I'd suggest you make your own judgement by checking the music video here:

Bite is already available for streaming on major music services including, of course, Apple Music.