Facebook's mobile app may finally get a built-in dark mode

A dark mode for Facebook's mobile app is reportedly in the works. ― Istock.com/AFP pic
A dark mode for Facebook's mobile app is reportedly in the works. ― Istock.com/AFP pic

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug 15 ― While Twitter, YouTube, and Slack have begun to roll out dark modes built right into their mobile applications as optional themes, Facebook and its suite of apps have been trailing behind in this particular trend. Despite any trace of evidence that a dark mode launch for Facebook mobile is imminent, notable software engineer Jane Manchun Wong has discovered that the theme is already buried in the mobile app's code.

Facebook has been left in the dust in terms of dark mode launches for their mobile applications. While platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Slack all have “night” themes built into their iOS and Android apps, Messenger only gained the functionality in April. Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp still lack the battery- and eye-saving option.

That may not be the case for much longer, though, as the highly reliable reverse software engineer Jane Manchun Wong discovered that the Facebook mobile app for Android's code contains an unreleased Dark Mode.

According to Wong, this functionality's development is still in the early stages: “For now, only certain parts of the app have been reworked to support the Dark Mode.” She expects that, because of the sheer size and scale of the app, “it could take time” to become publicly available.

In the meantime, the native dark themes available through Android and iOS's operating systems can modify the colour schemes of some applications that have yet to have a Night Mode built in. ― AFP-Relaxnews

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