PlayStation, Xbox to debut separate new video series

‘Afterparty’ will be profiled in the first ID@Xbox Game Pass episode. — Picture courtesy of Night School Studio
‘Afterparty’ will be profiled in the first [email protected] Game Pass episode. — Picture courtesy of Night School Studio

SAN FRANCISCO, March 26 — After eight years of pre-recorded Nintendo Direct updates, both Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox are launching new video series this week, starting with PlayStation’s general PS4 and PSVR State of Play yesterday followed by Xbox’s indie game special [email protected] Game Pass today.

Promising “updates and announcements from the world of PlayStation,” State of Play is launching with a first episode yesterday at 2pm Pacific Time.

A live broadcast through PlayStation channels on Amazon’s Twitch, Google’s YouTubeTwitter, and Facebook would therefore begin at 5pm Eastern, 9pm UTC / UK, 10pm Central Europe, 11pm South Africa, and then the morning of March 26 at 2.30am India, 5am Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines and Beijing, China, 6am South Korea and Japan, and 8am Sydney, Australia.

An on-demand edition will be made available shortly after the episode concludes.

Episode one is to focus on upcoming PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR software, with new trailers, game announcements, and gameplay footage in the offing.

Xbox has likewise announced plans for its own showcase regular, [email protected] Game Pass, “a stream highlighting great indie games coming soon to [games subscription service] Xbox Game Pass.”

The show will contain new reveals, gameplay highlights and conversations with game developers.

In particular, there will be segments focusing on the upcoming Afterparty, Void Bastards and Supermarket Shriek, with a further look at Night School, the studio behind Afterparty and previous hit Oxenfree.

Its debut episode starts on March 26 at 9am Pacific, or 12 noon Eastern, 4pm UTC, 5pm Central Europe, 6pm South Africa, 9.30 India, and then the next day at midnight for Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Beijing, China, 1am in South Korea and Japan, and 3am in Sydney, Australia.

Of note, considering that Xbox owns live streaming platform Mixer, [email protected] will be made available through the company’s YouTube channel, indicating a pre-recorded video closer in line to the established Nintendo Direct model.

The show’s title combines those of two existing Xbox programs.

[email protected] boosts the visibility of enrolled games and development support for participating studios, often in exchange for console or platform launch date exclusivity, a condition that eventually proved cumbersome for some teams.

Xbox Game Pass is Xbox’s popular subscription service that provides access to a growing library of 200+ games, including launch day first-party releases such as those in the prestige Halo and Forza Motorsport franchises, plus the recent launches of Sea of Thieves and Crackdown 3.

Neither console company announced how frequently their State of Play or [email protected] shows would release, again in line with Nintendo’s approach.

For reference, while Nintendo Directs were first distributed roughly every two months (less if discounting those made only for Japan), they have since become much more frequent, often releasing multiple times a month with individual episodes focusing on updates to particular franchises such as Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Super Smash Bros, or Animal Crossing. — AFP-Relaxnews

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