KUALA LUMPUR, June 12 — The twins from famous Malaysian animated series Upin & Ipin will be getting their own console game adaptation soon.

Animation studio Les’ Copaque managing director Burhanuddin Md Radzi teased images along with a video of the gameplay on Facebook.

He said that the yet untitled Upin and Ipin game is being developed to be released on Playstation4 and on Nintendo Switch and Las Vegas’ based game developer Streamline Media Inc has been commissioned to produce it.

Streamline has worked on renowned projects previously such as Oddworld:Soulstorm and Street Fighter V, apart from launching their first multi-platform original IP game Bake ‘n Switch in 2020.


“It is a family-friendly game with no violence and is suitable for all ages.

“All of Streamline’s staff involved in this project are based in Malaysia, and they worked closely with our team. InshaAllah, the project will be completed by October 2024.

“Pending the publisher’s approval, we are aiming to launch it in the first quarter of next year,” Burhanuddin wrote in the post.


He added that they have high hopes for the project as it could potentially put Malaysia on the map in the gaming world.

“We are optimistic that this project will be successful and will be a source of pride for Malaysia,” he said.

The post shared on Monday has garnered over 900 likes and has been shared over a thousand times on Facebook with local users sharing their excitement in the comment section.