Vida says singer Ashira downgraded herself by washing dishes part-time at friend’s Puchong restaurant

Vida (right) told Ashira to stop her weekend gig because it isn’t appropriate for an artiste. — Reuters pic
Vida (right) told Ashira to stop her weekend gig because it isn’t appropriate for an artiste. — Reuters pic

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PETALING JAYA, Jan 6 — Cosmetics tycoon Datuk Seri Vida has asked singer Ashira to stop her part-time gig of washing dishes, saying it wasn’t good for her image.

The 51-year-old millionaire said she had no intention of mocking those who work as dishwashers but subscribed to the view that Ashira was lowering her celebrity status by doing menial labour.

“I told Ashira, ‘You’re pretty, you cannot downgrade yourself with washing plates’,” Vida told mStar.

“It’s not appropriate because she is an artiste and there are other jobs that she can do besides that but she told me it’s okay, she wants to help her friend.”

She added that there was nothing wrong with being a dishwasher.

“It’s just that with her talent, abilities and pretty face, there are more suitable jobs out there,” said Vida, whose real name is Hasmiza Othman.

MStar reported last month that Ashira was forced to work part-time as a dishwasher when her husband Badrul Izhan Yeop Abdullah better known as Bad from the band Indigo had to amputate his toes as a result of diabetes.

Ashira, whose real name is Sharifah Nur Ashira Syed Abdul Aziz clarified that she wasn’t officially working at the restaurant but received a token for helping out with dishes and taking orders.

The 37-year-old said she spends Fridays and Saturdays at her friend’s Puchong eatery to get out of the house for fresh air.

“The issue here is people who look down on such jobs, as if artistes can’t do that kind of work,” Ashira said.

“I don’t think it’s wrong, I’m used to doing that at home.”

Despite Ashira’s explanation, Vida took to the comments section of mStar’s Instagram page warning Ashira to stop freelancing as a dishwasher.

Vida was subsequently criticised by the public for appearing to look down on dishwashers but she hit back saying she was only looking out for Ashira.

“Don’t be skeptical with what I said regarding the warning,” she said.

“I’m not mocking those who wash plates for a living but I can see that Ashira has so much potential for other jobs.”

The beauty mogul added that she plans to help Ashira and Bad ease their burden.

In a video interview, the couple told mStar that Vida showed up at their home offering aid and stayed until 3am chatting with them.

“Although we’ve never met Vida before this, she’s actually a really nice and fun person,” Ashira’s husband Bad said.

Like many performers in the country, the celebrity couple faced financial strain during the pandemic that decimated the entertainment industry, bringing to light the precariousness of Malaysia’s creative arts sector.

In July last year, Vida was slammed by the public for branding Malaysians who reached out for help during the prolonged Covid-19 lockdowns as lazy.

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