KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 30 ― Following the enormous success of the new South Korean dystopian horror series Squid Game, RapidKL has jumped on the craze to promote its service.

A video posted by RapidKL showing two men hitting cards on the floor at a train station while playing the South Korean children's game ddakji, received massive attention from social media users.

One of the men in the clip was disguised in a tracksuit, while another was dressed in a suit, much like the series’ salesman character played by actor Gong Yoo, reported Coconuts.

The clip was published to convince commuters to switch to using cards rather than tokens for train rides.

Earlier this week, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said at a Code Conference in Los Angeles that Squid Game is on track to be the streaming service’s most popular non-English show, reported Cnet.

Squid Game premiered on September 17, thus it had just been on the air for around 11 days when Sarandos spoke.