‘Say sorry for what?’: Cosmetics mogul Vida refuses to apologise for calling white flag bearers ‘lazy’ (VIDEO)

The flamboyant businesswoman said she sees no reason for her to apologise. — Picture via Instagram/datoserivida
The flamboyant businesswoman said she sees no reason for her to apologise. — Picture via Instagram/datoserivida

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PETALING JAYA, July 8 — Cosmetics mogul Datuk Seri Vida has refused to say sorry for branding people raising white flags for help as “lazy.”

Vida, whose real name is Hasmiza Othman, told Harian Metro that she sees no reason for her to apologise over the matter and brushed off criticisms from social media users.

“Say sorry for what? Netizens love jumping to their own conclusions.

“Many people were slamming me, some saying that I’m rich but I don’t want to help others and all kinds of things.

“What I meant is that we can help those who need it. At the same time, they have to do something other than simply waiting around for help,” said Vida.



The business tycoon claimed that there are many ways to start a business without capital and cited dropshipping as a method to make money.

“Just think, you might get aid in the form of food items, but how are you going to settle rent and electricity and water bills? Until when do you plan to go on like this?

“What I mean is that people should find ways to start a business until the movement control order is over and then go back to work like usual.”

Vida also claimed that people are looking for excuses to criticise her, hence the backlash against her.

She made the controversial comments about white flag bearers in a TikTok clip on Monday which showed her visiting a young man’s roadside food stall.

The QuPuteh founder lauded the man as a good example and made disapproving remarks about those seeking aid through the Bendera Putih movement, which urges people to fly a white flag outside their homes if they need help.

“Do you understand? Work hard, don’t be lazy and expect help by putting up a white flag,” said Vida in the video.

The 49-year-old, known for flaunting her lavish lifestyle on social media, was slammed for showing a lack of compassion towards the poor with her comments.

Twitter user @Its16about wrote that Vida’s remarks illustrate how wealthy people are often ignorant of the struggles faced by the less fortunate.

“In general, rich people don’t know what the poor go through – to them, money isn’t an issue, so it has never crossed their minds what it’s like to lose one’s income,” he said.

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