Singaporean singer Aliff Aziz and wife Bella Astillah officially divorced after string of scandals

Aliff and Bella in happier times. — Picture courtesy of Instagram/bellaastillah
Aliff and Bella in happier times. — Picture courtesy of Instagram/bellaastillah

PETALING JAYA, May 16 — Controversial Singaporean singer and actor Aliff Aziz and his wife Dayang Nabellah Awang Astillah, or Bella, have officially parted ways.

Their nuptials officially ended after Aliff pronounced the talak satu (divorce pronouncement) at the Kuala Lumpur Lower Syariah court at approximately 3.55pm.

The couple along with their son who will be turning two-years-old soon, appeared leaving the court sobbing.

“To be honest, I’m at a loss for words. I know many will talk about the things I’ve done. I’m only human but I won’t make any excuses for my behaviour,” he said.

“My wife has given her best in the last five years and maybe this is how God wants to show me it’s time to change, and hopefully I can improve myself.”

Sporting a new shaved bald look and sunglasses, he apologised to Bella, 25,  and said he was still processing the court proceedings.

He did not want to comment further on future reconciliation efforts and said he wanted to focus on improving himself for now.

“That was her last advice to me, and I will do my best and leave the rest to God.”

“Not many would be as patient as Bella,” he said, adding he would not comment further on anything else with regards to the scandals over the last few days with the circulation of images in two separate incidents involving him being intimate with other women.

Aliff also said the issue of custody would be discussed with Bella, before leaving.

For Bella, the decision was the best possible for the couple.

“I have tried my best despite people saying I am stupid for continuously forgiving him for what he has done,” she said referring to his past indiscretions with actress Afifah Nasir in 2017 and actress Oktovia Manrose just three months ago.

“Whatever it is, whatever happens, Aliff is the father of my son.”

She said she felt a burden had lifted, but added it would take time for her to recover with the support of her parents and her son.

Bella said she would be lying if she still didn’t love Aliff having shared their lives together and having a son together.

Whether she would reconcile with Aliff in the future, she said she would leave it to God to determine their future.

“For now he has to focus on improving himself, and I advised him to think of his parents whenever he does something.

“And he should focus on improving himself.”

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