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2019/05/20 'Injured' Maradona unable to attend Cannes film festival
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2019/05/20 'John Wick' opens on top as 'Avengers' nears historic mark
2019/05/19 Elton John’s pain at watching ‘family parts’ in new film ‘Rocketman’
2019/05/19 Netherlands mulls host city for Eurovision 2020
2019/05/19 Harvey Keitel to play Meyer Lansky in gangster biopic
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2019/05/19 Almodovar’s ode to filmmaking hits the right notes at Cannes
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2019/05/19 Schwarzenegger attacked at S. Africa sports event
2019/05/19 Netherlands wins Eurovision as Madonna dancers spark flag controversy
2019/05/19 Madonna performs new song at Eurovision
2019/05/18 Tarantino puts in early red carpet turn at Cannes Film Festival
2019/05/18 Not so crazy: Cannes films upends Hitchcock’s ‘hysterical’ women
2019/05/18 Argentine abortion battle hits screen in Cannes
2019/05/18 ‘Blame of Thrones’: Fans lament rushed final GOT season
2019/05/18 Zoe Saldana boards hubby romance ‘Keyhole Garden’
2019/05/18 Amazon buys US rights for Cannes hit ‘Les Miserables’
2019/05/17 Argentine filmmaker shines light on country’s abortion battle at Cannes
2019/05/17 Five big moments for stargazers at Cannes
2019/05/17 Groundbreaking Pidgin opera mixes music for cultural harmony
2019/05/17 First black African woman enters Cannes race with migrant ghost story
2019/05/17 Hong Kong actor Kenneth Ma stops wearing couple ring he got with Jacqueline Wong following her affair
2019/05/17 New behind-the-scenes ‘Child’s Play’ clip shows how Chucky comes to life (VIDEO)
2019/05/17 Dismayed or grieving, ‘Game of Thrones’ fans prepare for the final episode
2019/05/17 BBC to make series of Indian epic ‘A Suitable Boy’
2019/05/17 Actor Bront Palarae to direct first film in thriller out later this year
2019/05/17 Will Smith and Queen Latifah team up for hip-hop take on Romeo and Juliet
2019/05/17 Kajang Prison source: No special treatment for actor Farid Kamil
2019/05/17 Dr M's grandchild, family friend keep it honest in documentary ‘M for Malaysia’ (VIDEO)
2019/05/17 Marion Cotillard joins Adam Driver in ‘Annette’
2019/05/17 Rolling Stones unveil new tour dates after Jagger heart op
2019/05/17 Chinese actress Shi Yanfei's cringeworthy blunder on Cannes red carpet
2019/05/17 Comedy ‘Big Bang Theory’ makes sentimental farewell
2019/05/17 Red marks on scalp not scabies but effects of hair transplant, says Aliff Aziz
2019/05/17 Cannes Film Festival: Red carpets, champagne and... childcare
2019/05/17 Singer-songwriter Aepul Roza’s 'Kali Ketiga' a jibe at Aliff Aziz’s cheating ways (VIDEO)
2019/05/17 Yuna releases new single, second collaboration with American rapper G-Eazy (VIDEO)
2019/05/17 Michael Caine to headline ‘Best Sellers’ as razor-tongued writer