Serina Redzuawan fumes over use of her image and name to promote bazaar stall — again

The stall owner apparently ignored previous requests from Serina to stop using her image. — Picture from Instagram/serinaredzuawan
The stall owner apparently ignored previous requests from Serina to stop using her image. — Picture from Instagram/serinaredzuawan

PETALING JAYA, May 31 — Actress and TV host Serina Redzuawan has had enough of a curry puff seller using her likeness to woo customers.

The daughter of renowned Malaysian chef Datuk Redzuawan Ismail posted a lengthy rant on Instagram where she slammed the stall owner’s actions as “the work of an irresponsible person”.

She posted a picture of the stall that showed her name and image plastered all over a banner at the Taman Melawati Ramadan bazaar.

According to Serina, this was not the first time she had caught the seller using her pictures without permission.

“She is taking advantage and exploiting me as an artiste, she’s been using these pictures for years.

“Before this, she used to have a stall at a ‘pasar malam’ in Damansara and even though I asked others to advise her, she still used them,” she wrote.


Ini kerja manusia Tak bertanggungjawab..amik kesempatan eksploitasi I sebagai Artis, sesuka hati buat bunting pakai Gambar Serina & Nama semata Mata nak lariskan Karipap dia. Bertahun dia dah guna Gambar ni, dulu niaga di pasar malam Damansara pun I dah arahkan org tegur dia masih lagi pakai. Allah nak tunjuk today I Jalan di Bazar ramadhan melawati terserempak depan mata terus. I tegur cara baik. Dia kata dia Tak tau Tak boleh guna ,alasan bodoh! Dah pernah tegur dulu. Paling Biadab makcik ni Boleh menjawab kata " TAK BOLEH KAYA PUN SAYA GUNA GAMBAR U!" Of coz Tak boleh Kaya guna cara Haram & Tak minta izin I..rezeki Tak berkat! Jangan sampai I saman u. Last warning. Pls jangan percaya I Tak pernah Ada produk Karipap besar jual di Bazar Mana Mana. Org sampai keliru text me kata I Ada beli dah Karipap besar produk u . Inilah akibat sesuka hati Pakai nama & Gambar Selebriti. #bukanproduksaya #jangantertipu #peniagatakjujur #viral

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Serina coincidentally cross paths with the stall owner recently by chance in Taman Melawati where the two locked horns over the banner.

“She said she didn’t know that she couldn’t use them, what a stupid excuse!

“She was so rude, she even replied saying, ‘it’s not like I’ll be rich even if I use your pictures’,” she said.

The Antara Capati Dan Belacan actress said she had given the stall owner a final warning, adding that she would take legal action against her if the pictures continued to be used without permission.

Serina currently has her own line of frozen curry puffs which she clarified were only sold through approved suppliers and not at Ramadan bazaars.

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