KUALA LUMPUR, June 26 — Ace Media Network (AMN) pledged to become the leading influencer network in South-east Asia after being acquired by Mediaload, a Singapore based digital media company.

“With AMN’s impressive data-driven platform technologies and KOMACI, their influencer platform, which has the potential to be one of the biggest influencer platforms in the world, Mediaload has found the right fit, ” said Vichet In, the CEO of Mediaload.

AMN’s CEO, Ben Wong expressed his enthusiasm over the acquisition and believed the parent company can benefit from their KOMACI network which has over 9,000 influencers.

“Now, they will be able to reach the region through our synergistic partnership with their vast network and resources.

“And KOMACI will now have access to regional influencers for local and international brands using our platform as the main conduit,” said Ben.

Ben added that their pilot project with AirAsia’s “Buy Now, Fly Now” campaign featuring 30 influencers had generated over 1.7 million exposures with engagement rate of three to five per cent depending on the tiering of influencers.

The company is targeting a minimum growth of 50 per cent for the next three years, despite the current grim global economic outlook.

AMN is digital media technology company that provides media tech solution for brands and agencies to reach out to audiences in the social media landscape.

The firm's customers over the past six years included Tourism Malaysia, Dominos, Air Asia, and Carlsberg.