SEREMBAN, July 11 — The Negeri Sembilan Islamic Religious Affairs Department (JHEAINS) yesterday detained three family members suspected of following the Millah Abraham sect declared as deviant.

JHEAINS Enforcement Division Operations Unit chief Ahmad Zaki Hamzah said those detained were a married couple in their 40s and their 16-year-old son, who does not attend school.

The couple was apprehended at about 6pm at Felda Sungai Kelamah, Tampin and their son at Felda Sungai Kelamah, Tampin.

“The couple had been renting a house in Felda Sungai Kelamah for the past six months, while their son resided at their original home in Felda Palong 3. Although no activities were being conducted at the time of arrest, investigations revealed they were followers of this cult.

“Fifteen items, including notebooks, a laptop and mobile phones were seized. The Negeri Sembilan Mufti Department issued a fatwa in 2019 declaring the teaching as contradicting Islamic law,” he told reporters after the operation tonight.

He said the family had been recruiting and spreading the teachings to close family members and local residents. Based on intelligence and public information, they had likely been active for over a year.

Ahmad Zaki said their beliefs included the existence of a new prophet, a different ‘syahadah’, and attempts to merge three religions: Islam, Judaism, and Christianity. They also believed that meat slaughtered by non-followers was forbidden.

“They operated discreetly, meeting in restaurants or cafes. We believe their members are not only in this state but across the country, including professionals. They have a leader whom they refer to,” he added.

The three individuals were detained under Section 52 of the Negeri Sembilan Syariah Criminal Enactment 1992 for dubious teachings.

The operation follows a 2019 raid on the Millah Abraham cult in Kampung Sri Repah, with possible further arrests as investigations continue.

Ahmad Zaki advised Muslims seeking religious knowledge to find teachers accredited by relevant authorities, including the Negeri Sembilan Mufti Department, to avoid confusion.

“With technology, it is easy for people to access religious information. If in doubt, Muslims should refer to the Mufti Department or JHEAINS for verification. We appreciate the interest in learning Islam, but if misguided, they may be led astray,” he said. — Bernama