KUALA LUMPUR, July 7 — In an alarming incident at the Suria KLCC shopping mall yesterday, a vehicle entrusted to the mall’s valet parking service was stolen.

The management of Suria KLCC has confirmed the theft on its Facebook page and said that the suspect was apprehended shortly after using the car’s GPS system and scrutinising CCTV footage.

“This is an unprecedented event for our valet parking service operator, as nothing of this nature has ever happened before,” the statement read.

“We are committed to reviewing and further strengthening the enforcement of our valet parking operator’s standard operating procedures to prevent any future incidents.”

According to the statement, the vehicle was securely parked by the valet attendant before it was stolen.

The incident came to light when the car owner discovered the vehicle missing upon their return. The key, however, remained securely stored at the valet counter.

Upon notification of the theft, Suria KLCC management said it swiftly initiated a comprehensive investigation in collaboration with local authorities leading to the police and the mall’s security team reviewing CCTV footage, which revealed that an unidentified individual managed to enter the vehicle and drive it away.

Suria KLCC management emphasised that the safety and security of its shoppers and customers remain its utmost priority.

This came after a Facebook user called Zach Khai Shin posted that he only went in the mall for half an hour for a quick look around but was later told that his Honda HRV crossover was gone when he went out to get it.

In his post, he said the GPS showed that the car was found in the Subang area.