KUALA LUMPUR, July 1 — Malaysia’s Olympic kit reveal still has Malaysians talking judging by all the buzz on social media.

Many Malaysians have tapped their inner fashion designer by coming up with their own alternative Olympic kit mock-ups, but some instead have decided to create internet videos that range from the hilarious to the slightly terrifying.

TikTok user Pak Cik Ninja Kafka had the Olympic mannequins show their dancing skills and the video found its way to X (formerly Twitter) after being reposted by X user @yneewiu.

weh kelakar pic.twitter.com/eVsCZ0mlCO

— ynnewiu (@ynnewiu) June 29, 2024

Another X user @huckyea instead got creative with AI and posted a new Olympic kit video that featured mannequins morphing into humans and an appearance by a Malayan tiger.

yang dok kutuk baju olimpik Malaysia ni dah tengok full presentation video belum? this will change your mind pic.twitter.com/gRqGL4ro0e

— bukan haq (@huckyea) June 27, 2024

Another TikTok-er @bapaksuamiorangofficial revealed his own unique take of the most maligned part of the Olympic kit: the mannequins.

Akhirnya jumpa juga model yang digunakan untuk majlis reveal baju Olimpik hari tu pic.twitter.com/Zd0Hw3zQFz

— Cikgu_Anep (@Cikgu_Anep) June 29, 2024

If you'd like a reminder of how the actual unveiling went, here's a clip:

Here you go

Ts Norza pun macam taktahu nak cakap apa pic.twitter.com/YgxZ2hw3vI

— AinaSuzlin (@_ainasuzlin) June 24, 2024

Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh has confirmed that the unveiled Olympic kit will not be used during the Olympics opener parade.

The backlash online, where the uniforms have been called “ugly” and “unspiring”, has led to a promise by the Olympic Council of Malaysia (OCM) to improve the existing design to symbolise the Tiger motif on the official jacket of the kit, alongside the OCM logo.