PENAMPANG, June 23 — No indigenous community in Sabah is superior to another, says Momogun National Congress (MNC) president Tan Sri Wences Angang.

He emphasised that all are equal and should be supportive of one another as one united people under the generic term of Momogun.

“Unlike in Malaya where there’s the ‘ketuanan Melayu’ (Malay superiority), here in Sabah no ethnic community under the Momogun is superior to another. We’re all the same people,” he said during MNC’s pre-convention event here on Today.

More than 60 representatives of ethnic associations attended the event organised for the purpose of consultation regarding the use of Momogun as the generic term for indigenous ethnics in Sabah.


The event was also in preparation for MNC’s main convention to be held here on August 1.

“We’re only looking for common denominator for our various ethnic communities. This is because in Sabah there are about 36 ethnic communities and more than 200 sub-ethnic groups.

“We must be united under one generic name that is Momogun,” he explained.


Wences said the pre-convention event was very successful as all the representatives understood the rationale for having the generic term.

“The indigenous peoples in Sabah are a big population. And numbers count lot for it gives us a united and stronger voice over any matter that concerns us,” he said, stressing that it is time the indigenous peoples of Sabah wake up and realise that being fragmented does not serve their best interest.

Previously, Wences had stressed that using the generic term Momogun will not divide the ethnic communities in Sabah. — The Borneo Post