KUALA LUMPUR, June 14 — In a significant development, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin have announced today that they have agreed to cease their ongoing defamation lawsuits against each other.

In a joint statement, the duo said the decision was made after considering the broader implications for the country, particularly in light of the current socio-political climate and the need to prioritise the well-being of Malaysians.

"Anwar and Muhyiddin hoped this decision can be accepted and respected by all parties. Anwar and Muhyiddin also agreed not to issue any further statements related to this issue," said the statement here.

They said the decision was made following recommendations from the High Court Judge and in view of the nation’s current situation, which demands that national interests be placed above personal disputes.

The duo also urged that this resolution not be used as a tool for political exploitation, stressing the importance of maintaining public peace, stability, and confidence in the judiciary.

In July last year, Anwar announced a restructuring programme that would wipe off most of the RM8.3 billion in debt amassed by Felda settlers, saying Muhyiddin failed to execute this when he was still the PM.

In response, Muhyiddin sent a letter of demand to Anwar seeking an apology and retraction for claiming the former did not implement a debt waiver scheme for Felda settlers.

Anwar then responded by demanding compensation of RM200 million and an apology from Muhyiddin for alleging that the former had lied about the matter. Muhyiddin also filed a defamation suit.