KUANTAN, April 2 — Pahang police have recorded statements from four individuals to assist in the investigation into a case of a Molotov cocktail being thrown at the KK Mart branch in Sungai Isap here on Saturday (March 30).

State police chief Datuk Seri Yahaya Othman said that the four individuals whose statements were recorded consisted of witnesses including the complainant and the investigation to identify the suspects involved is still ongoing.

He said that police would obtain closed-circuit television camera footage from the area near the scene of the incident to assist the investigation.

“I have asked the mobile patrol vehicle (MPV) and motorcycle patrol unit (URB) to increase patrols at other KK Mart branches, and in Pahang, there are 15 KK branches and two storage facilities,” he said when met at the crime prevention programme at Mahkota Square Ramadan Bazaar today.


Yahaya also advised all parties to remain calm and not take action arbitrarily and to always obey the law.

On March 30, the KK Mart branch in Sg Isap was attacked with a petrol bomb by an unknown individual causing four shelves and some sales items to be damaged. — Bernama