KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 21 — The Fisheries Department has given its assurance that there is adequate fish supply throughout the North East Monsoon period through landings on the west coast of the peninsula.

The department said that existing supply could support the current demand even with the East Coast being affected by the monsoon.

“According to west coast fish landing statistics, production between November 2022 and March 2023 proved adequate to ensure Malaysia’s fish stocks.

“The kembung fish (Indian mackerel) species, which is the main fish consumed by Malaysians, is readily available in the country.

Based on department statistics, kembung fish landings in 2021 were at 40,959.95 metric tonnes valued at RM 421 million, 39,146.95 metric tonnes valued at RM458 million for 2022 and for January to September 2023, 33,102 metric tonnes valued at RM410 million, with landings of 22,765 metric tonnes on the west coast and 9,637 metric tonnes on the east coast of the peninsula,” the department said in a statement yesterday.

Meanwhile, Fisheries Department director-general Datuk Adnan Hussain said the department has conducted studies and had complete information on a closed season for kembung fish in the west coast of peninsular Malaysia. — Bernama