MIRI, Oct 24 — The worsening condition of infrastructure and services at Miri Airport are a great concern, said Miri MP Chiew Choon Man.

He stressed there is a dire need to repair facilities and provide much-needed services to passengers, especially those with health issues.

“Among the services that need immediate upgrades would be the use of the aerobridge for passengers upon arrival, as it is not only convenient but can be life-saving,” he told The Borneo Post.

He was responding to a recent case where an inbound passenger with a heart condition was forced to use boarding stairs to enter the Miri Airport terminal.


“In fact, since 2016, former transport minister Liow Tiong Lai has already recognised the need for upgrading for the airport. Therefore, we will continue to voice out and fight for this,” he said.

Chiew added he will seek to meet up with Minister of Economy Rafizi Ramli to help prioritise Miri Airport’s repairs.

According to See Hua Daily News, the woman in her 40s had returned from overseas after medical treatment.


Upon arrival at Miri Airport, the aeroplane she was travelling in stopped on the tarmac and passengers had to get off using boarding stairs.

According to her, she was informed that this was because the surface of the airport apron area was uneven, hence the aeroplane could not use the aerobridge.

“We tried to check with the airport management for permission to use the lift facility, which is available in the VIP lounge, but the request was denied,” See Hua Daily News quoted the passenger as saying.

She said this left her with no choice but to walk up the stairs to enter the terminal, leaving her breathless and having to rest after every two steps. — Borneo Post