BALING, July 14 — Kedah Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor today openly apologised to all residents affected by the flooding and water surge that occurred at Kupang here on July 4.

He said the apology was made on humanitarian grounds and a sense of duty he bore as the head of government in relation to the tragedy that killed three, including a pregnant woman.

He said the apology was also on behalf of the current and previous state administrations should there be any mistakes that indirectly could be said to have caused the tragedy that occurred last week.

“As a person, on compassionate reasons....for the present state government, I apologise to all affected residents.


“No one intended to bring such a tragedy onto anyone but the effects were beyond’s no use to be stubborn, when people have already been hit by a disaster, although to us, we have made our best decision,” he said during a media conference here today after attending a flood aid presentation at the Baling district office to 17 flood victims who lost their homes in the floods.

The 17 individuals received RM3,000 each to assist rental and utilities for a period of six months.

Muhammad Sanusi said the apology did not mean that he admitted that all the blame rests on the current state government, but was made due to a sense of responsibility towards the state’s populace.


“It doesn’t mean I admit to it entirely, no one asked for this to happen, including the tragedy in Gunung Jerai, Yan last year....on behalf of the state government, we apologise because as the government, we should protect our citizens.

“We can’t predict such a thing would happen....I think whoever is wrong, just as a person, no matter how high your position and standing, we need to be humble and realise our weaknesses, we apologise for being unable to protect the people fully,” he said. — Bernama