PUTRAJAYA, Apr 22 — Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said the government will periodically review the country’s Covid-19 standard operating procedures and relax these when appropriate.

He said even if this meant Malaysia might lag behind other countries in easing the preventive measures, it would allow the nation to avoid making the same mistakes as others.

“There are countries that think they have won, but today their cases are on the rise. We don’t want to be like those countries.

“They assumed that they have already achieved victory, all their restrictions and preventive measures they threw away and finally they are faced with wave after wave of new infections.

“Let’s not repeat the same mistake,” he said in this address during the handing over of the Endocrine Institute at the Putrajaya Hospital here.

He also reminded everyone that Malaysia was still transitioning towards Covid-19 endemicity, which meant all existing SOPs must continue to be followed.

“This is very important because if we look at the management of the pandemic in Malaysia today, we are increasingly successful.

“Cases are getting more under control, hospital admissions are declining, Covid-19 mortality rates continue to decline and intensive care unit admissions are declining.

“This has convinced the government to allow a little room of relaxation so that this ceremony can be held today where the construction (of the building) could proceed expeditiously.

“And many more (SOP) relaxations included as we will be celebrating Eid soon,” he added.

Yesterday, the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) had dismissed a message indicating that enforcement action will no longer be applied to Covid-19 SOP requiring facemasks to be worn.

The PDRM corporate communications chief ACP Skandaguru Anandan said all standing regulations related to Covid-19 will continue to be enforced notwithstanding the country’s transition to the endemic phase since April 1.