KOTA BARU, April 16 — The schooling session will return to normal without the rotation system starting tomorrow, says Education Minister Datuk Dr Mohd Radzi Md Jidin.

He said attendance, as well as school operations, would be like the pre-Covid-19 era.

“Maybe when school reopens, we will be able to see how pupils come to school, and look at the situation outside which has become more open, and this may result in some who may not follow the standard operating procedure (SOP).

“Therefore, I urge the leadership of the State Education Department (JPN), the District Education Department, (PPD), teachers and pupils to ensure that schools continue to remain open and do not experience any more closures,” he said in his speech at an Ihya Ramadan event with the Kelantan State Education Department here today.

Mohd Radzi said that his ministry would also be unveiling the schooling guidelines 4.0 in the near future.

He said the guidelines were in line with the current situation where there was more freedom of movement, and at the same time, it was to ensure all regulations were adhered to.

“There are some who have asked when the school management guidelines 3.0 will be enhanced. They must realise that it cannot be replaced just like that.

“The implementation includes having to hold discussions with the Health Ministry (MOH). We need to discuss the matter one by one, (such as) what’s the approach which needs to be taken or what guidelines need to be included and so on,” he added. — Bernama