KUALA LUMPUR, March 6 — All Malaysians including students in Russia are safe as the overall situation in the country is calm and peaceful, according to the Malaysian Embassy in Moscow.

The embassy, in a statement today, however, said some Malaysians may be facing difficulty in accessing timely banking and financial services, such as disruptions to Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from Malaysia to their accounts with certain banks in the Russian Federation.

It said the Russian authorities have looked into the matter as the Russian Central Bank has assured the public that the ruble (Russian currency) continues to be readily available and accessible.

“The same institution has taken steps to ensure domestic liquidity is sufficient, enabling the general public easier access to hard cash.

“Malaysians who are still facing EFT banking difficulties with their Russian accounts, or/and requiring consular assistance are kindly advised to contact the embassy via our dedicated email ([email protected]) and hotlines,” according to the statement.

The embassy will remain in close contact with the relevant Russian authorities and will continue to advise Malaysians on further developments, via those dedicated channels.

The embassy also advised all Malaysians to remain calm and continue with their routines, as public services are running normally, and essential goods and services remain available, affordable and accessible.

Several countries have imposed economic and financial sanctions on Russia after President Vladimir Putin ordered troops into neighbouring Ukraine for a "special military operation". — Bernama