KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 8 ― Syed Saddiq, member of Parliament for Muar and also the youngest person to be appointed as minister, has announced a collection of NFTs with his face on them, collaborating with NFT4HOPE. He’s also probably the first Malaysian politician to ever get into NFTs. Former Chief Minister of Sabah Shafie Apdal will also launch his own collection “soon” for NFT4HOPE.

“NFT4HOPE will auction off some of my rare digital artworks for the purpose of the flood fundraising,” wrote Syed Saddiq on his Facebook page.

NFT4HOPE claims that their “collectables are issued by project initiators making a significant difference in the world”. It also looks like they will be using Ethereum as their cryptocurrency of choice, which is what most people use to get NFTs.

NFTs, which stand for non-fungible tokens, are a controversial form of art. Using cryptocurrency like Etherum to purchase one-of-a-kind tokens can help artists and the art industry thrive — as one NFT can sell for millions. However, there are also people who are opposed to the movement, saying that NFTs can actually damage the environment.

Usually, I would imagine that politicians would want to play it safe and stay away from something as controversial and new as NFTs. But the NFT4HOPE collection aims to fundraise donations for Malaysian flood victims. So… even if would hurt the environment in the long run, it’s for a cause that needs immediate help and attention.

Each of the four Syed Saddiq NFTs seen on the site, created by Malaysian artist Jaee Tee, has been labelled as “Super Rare” and “Ultra Rare”. NFT4HOPE explains that “Ultra Rare” means that there is only one of that specific “print” available. “Super Rare” means that there are 10 “copies” of the specific “print”—which… kind of defeats the purpose of “one-of-a-kind” NFTs. But I guess they’re numbered (Super Rare #1, Super Rare #2, etc.)

Besides Syed Saddiq, former Chief Minister of Sabah Shafie Apdal will also be launching his own NFT4HOPE collection “soon”, along with TV host and former Miss Universe Malaysia Deborah Henry. There is no information of when those NFTs will launch, though.

And while Syed Saddiq’s collection is announced, the NFTs aren’t on sale yet. There also isn’t a price range for them yet, nor is there any information on when the tokens will be on sale. ― SoyaCincau