KOTA KINABALU — Several top leaders of Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS), have decided to quit the party as they cited a lack of leadership and direction within the party as the reason for their resignation.

In a show of mass resignation, vice presidents Datuk Ewon Ebin, Amri Abdul Kadir and other supreme council members said the party had not had any communications since the state elections last September where they fared poorly.

“We have been under pressure from party members and grassroots supporters as to the direction of the party.

“PCS had fared badly in the last Sabah elections. Since then, there had been no communications and party meetings among the current supreme council members, divisional committees, youth and women wings of the party,” he said.

Ewon, a former federal minister, said party divisions were supposed to be reorganised from the state constituency level to Parliamentary level as decided and approved during the Biennial General Meeting last year, but it was not implemented rendering the party having no divisions and direction.

“Additionally, new-membership forms were not processed. The party had no activities to communicate with the members and grassroots supporters at the divisional level.

“The party administration is therefore disorganised with lack of communications and proper direction,” Ewon said.

Previously, several former PCS supreme council members, divisional heads and ordinary members had resigned from the party earlier this year to join other parties.

Other leaders who resigned today were supreme council members Datuk Kalakau Untol Datuk Herman Tiongsoh, Datuk Norbert Chin Chuan Siong, Denis Gimpah and Deputy Secretary General Petrus Francis Guriting.

This mass resignation was joined by the former PCS supreme councillors (2018-2020), including the former divisional coordinators/leaders and the central committees of both the Women and Youths wings of the party.

More party members from the various party divisions are also expected to resign soon.

“The decision to resign was done with a heavy heart as we all love PCS. But we have to move on,” he said.

On their future plans, Ewon said they will cross the bridge when the time comes.

“For now, it is suffice to say that our fight does not end here,” he said.

PCS is currently led by president Datuk Seri Anifah Aman. In last year’s state election, the party ambitiously contested all 73 state seats, the only party to do so.

It failed to win a single seat, with most candidates losing their deposits.