KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — The Rural Development Ministry (KPLB) is targeting to build and repair a total of 19,832 housing units in Sarawak during the 12th Malaysian Plan (12MP).

The ministry said the number increased by over 16 per cent from the 17,122 newly built and restored units throughout the 11MP period.

“For 2021, RM71.7 million has been allocated for Sarawak with RM1.6 million, specifically for the Lubuk Antu parliamentary constituency.

“It involves the construction of 12 new housing units and repair of 59 units compared to RM1.3 million allocated for the construction of nine units and repairing 53 units in 2020,” the ministry said in a reply posted on the Parliament website today.

This followed a question raised by Jugah Anak Muyang @ Tambat (Independent-Lubok Antu) on the additional allocation for the Housing Programme for the Hardcore Poor (PPRT) in the Lubok Antu constituency since many eligible applicants have not been selected to receive the assistance.

In this regard, the ministry will improve the PPRT delivery method, especially in identifying the target groups eligible to be assisted with the selection of recipients be made through the eKasih system.

However, the ministry is still accepting and considering applications, other than from the eKasih system, as well as the searching and assisting initiative by the ministry’s officials and agencies from time to time.

Individuals who apply online will be considered by the committee at the ministry level based on the set conditions, according to KPLB. — Bernama