KUALA LUMPUR, Sept 20 — The authorities arrested 522 individuals yesterday for various recovery movement control order (RMCO) violations, said senior minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri.

Out of the 522,342 individuals, 342 were compounded while 180 were remanded, he said in a statement.

“Among the RMCO violations were activities in pubs/nightclubs (363), social distancing (81), not wearing face masks (36), leaving the house without reasonable grounds in the  area (17), failing to provide equipment / personal details ( 12), exit from RMCO area without good reason (1), premises operating without permission (5), and arrest of foreigners without personal travel documents (7),’’ he said.

Ismail also stated that inspection has been carried out at 3,475 supermarkets, 4,210 restaurants as well as 1,189 hawkers, 1,204 factories, 3,210 banks and 680 government offices, to ensure RMCO procedures are being followed through. 

The nation’s borders remain tightly controlled as constant surveillance by enforcement agencies continues, with authorities carrying arresting 180 undocumented migrants.

As for Malaysians returning from abroad during the period of July 24 to September 19, some 31,227 people have passed through the nation’s international gateway and have been placed in 68 hotels and even public training institutions.

From that figure, 71 people have been sent to the hospital for further treatment.