KUCHING, Aug 30 — Three Sarawak DAP leaders today filed a police complaint against Pasir Puteh MP Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh, asking for an investigation into the latter for his distorted interpretation of the Bible during a debate in Parliament four days ago.

The report was filed by former Stampin MP Julian Tan, Serian DAP pro-tem chairman Brolin Nicholson and Anthony Chin from DAP Socialist Youth at the Sekama police station this afternoon.

When contacted, Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii, who accompanied the trio, said it is better to lodge a police report rather than calling for Nik Muhammad Zawawi and other PAS leaders to be banned from entering Sarawak.

“I see different local leaders calling for the banning of PAS leaders and bigots from entering the state, but for me they have missed the point completely.

“It doesn’t matter if they can or cannot enter the state, but their ideology and viewpoint is openly accessible to everybody including those in Sarawak through the media or even the internet,” he told Malay Mail.

When asked, he added that it was up to the police to identify the appropriate law on Nik Muhammad Zawawi.

Dr Yii said the local leaders are the ones that support and empower leaders from PAS to be in the federal government.

He said together with Umno and now Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (Bersatu), they are the biggest bloc, influencing all the national policies, including education, healthcare and economy that affects all Malaysians, including the children.

“So you don’t think that the South China Sea or even immigration autonomy can put us in a bubble to protect us or to keep us under the sand,” he said.

Dr Yii also called on Malaysians to continue to preserve the harmony and respect for one another by not insulting each other.

During the debate on the Road Transport (Amendment) Bill 2020 to propose heavier fines for drink driving offenders on August 26, Nik Muhammad Zawawi had claimed “the Bible is distorted or changed”.

Association of Churches in Sarawak chairman Archbishop Simon Poh demanded Zawawi to retract his statement and tender a public apology.

*Editor’s note: An earlier version of this story erroneously stated Sarawak DAP asking police to investigate Nik Muhammad Zawawi Salleh for alleged sedition and has since been amended to more accurately reflect the party’s comment.