KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 6 — The police disclosed that not a single summons was issued to members of the public for failure to wear face masks in private vehicles, since their use became mandatory on public transport from August 1.

Responding to Malay Mail’s request for information on the procedure for refunds for the RM1,000 compound, Bukit Aman CID deputy director (Investigation and Legal) DCP Datuk Mior Faridalathrash Wahid said their records showed that none was ever issued.

However, he told those who believe they may have been issued such a compound to visit their nearest police station for clarification.

“After checking with all states, not a single summons was issued on the matter of not wearing a mask in a private vehicle.


“If there are people who still received it, they can come forward to the nearest police station,” he told Malay Mail.

In a security briefing last week, Senior Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said those who have paid off the compound to the Health Ministry could claim this back, after reiterating that face masks were only compulsory on public transport and “crowded” spaces.

He was acknowledging complaints on social media from those claiming they were wrongly penalised for not wearing the masks in their own cars.


Among social media posts that went viral included those claiming they were issued summons since their family members purportedly did not wear masks inside the car, and those while at the beach.

The government has made it clear from the outset that only those in public transportations, which included e-hailing services, would be penalised for not wearing masks.

Drivers and passengers in their own personal vehicles with their own family members are exempted for this new ruling.

On July 23, Ismail Sabri said face masks in crowded areas and on public transportation was mandatory starting August 1.

He said the recent increase in Covid-19 infections was worrying and noted the MOH’s concern

about worsening compliance with the SOPs to prevent the disease.

He said the decision was motivated by the increase in clusters recently identified by the ministry.

Subsequently on the first day of the implementation, 127 people were arrested for not wearing face masks in public.