KUALA LUMPUR, June 7 — As Malaysia prepares to enter the recovery movement control order (RMCO) set to begin on June 10, contact sports are still prohibited under the new phase, announced Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

In a special televised broadcast today, Muhyiddin announced that the government will loosen restrictions within the sporting sector, albeit with strict standard operating procedures (SOP).

However, contact sports such as rugby, football and hockey, among others, are still prohibited, said Muhyiddin.

“In the sports category, several sports and recreational activities will be reopened in compliance with the SOP.

“This includes team training, sports activities that do not involve physical contact such as bowling, badminton, archery, shooting and more. Outdoor group activities such as bicycle rides and motorcycle convoys are also allowed.

“What is still not allowed is a sports competition or games involving a group of supporters or large crowds such as in stadiums, water sports and public swimming pools, and contact sports such as rugby, wrestling, boxing, football, basketball and hockey,’’ said Muhyiddin.

Throughout the movement control order period, which was announced on March 18, all sporting events were put on hold as part of the measures introduced to contain the Covid-19 outbreak.

Muhyiddin announced that Malaysia will be in RMCO from June 10 until August 31, with a normalisation phase after that until a Covid-19 vaccine is found.