Over 2,000 residents in Kanowit cut off by floods

SIBU, April 27 — The road to Nanga Jagau resettlement scheme in the remote area of Kanowit, collapsed last night, cutting off access to about 2,020 residents from 21 longhouses.

Sungai Ngemah Hulu community leader Juni Massam said the gravel road at Nanga Belasang, located 300 metres from the resettlement area collapsed when one of the culverts was damaged and could no longer channel large quantities of water.

“Heavy rain for the past few days have caused the Sekolah Kebangsaan (SK) Nanga Jagau inundated with floodwaters at 0.76-metre deep. There is no way out of this place if the road is not repaired,” he said when contacted today.

Kanowit Fire and Rescue station chief Arrahman Chik in a statement said that his team of firefighters tried to reach the resettlement area but the road was blocked by landslides and fallen trees.

“The landslides area is about 40 km from Ngungun junction. We decided to return to the station 11.50 am,” he said.

Sibu Rural Water Supply Department has issued a notice of unplanned water supply disruption in Nanga Jagau as the Nanga Jagau Water Treatment Plant could not be operated due to the increasing water level with the plant’s main switch panel was already submerged in water.

“We would like to urge the consumers to save and store enough water supply during the disruption. Water supply would be restored once the river level returns to normal,” it said.

Meanwhile, Sibu Fire and Rescue Department chief Janggan Muling said apart from SK Nanga Jagau other schools in the Kanowit remote area were also flooded, namely SK Nanga Nirok, SK Nanga Balingiau and SK Ulu Poi.

“All fire stations in Sibu area are currently monitoring the flood situation,” he said.

Several low-lying areas along Jalan Salim-Sebatau in Sibu were also flooded for about one meter deep and he advised those living in the lowland areas and near river banks to be on alert and prioritise their safety.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department has forecast a continuous rain and thunderstorms until Sunday in several remote areas in Sarawak. — Bernama

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