KUALA LUMPUR, March 22 — In a small yet meaningful gesture, some Malaysians tonight expressed their gratefulness and thanked those among the medical frontliners and in the essential services, by applauding them from the safety of their own homes for an entire 10 minutes.

Most made themselves heard by clapping and cheering from their balconies, some flashed their torchlights, while few took it up a notch by lighting off several firecrackers.

Several bewildered residences of condominiums along Jalan Dutamas Raya could be seen on their balconies, initially confused, but later went along with the majority and started cheering.



It remains unclear which individual initiated the 10-minute round of applause, but in true Malaysian fashion, others quickly followed in spreading the positive energy.

For some, it was probably the most noteworthy social event they took part of late, offering some interesting respite after being cooped up the last five days since the movement control order was enforced

It is believed those applauding, was reacting to a viral poster that was circulated earlier today, which urged Malaysians to show their gratitude to the medical frontliners.

Along with the poster was instructions to start the cheers and applauds at 8.30pm earlier for 10-minutes, from their homes.

“Show your gratitude with the power of SOUND. Calling ALL MALAYSIANS!

“Let’s sincerely thank our medical staff and essential workers; their lives are at risk so that our’s is safe.

“Stand by your doors or balconies to cheer them. Claps, drums, bells or more. We salute you,” read the captions on the viral poster.

Malaysia today entered its fifth day of a two-week shutdown to break the chain of the Covid-19 outbreak, which has since taken the lives of 10 and infected some 1,306 people as of this evening.