Terengganu Civil Defence Force warns public to stay away from ‘Miami Beach’

A man takes pictures as waves crash ashore along Seberang Takir in Kuala Nerus December 16, 2019. — Bernama pic
A man takes pictures as waves crash ashore along Seberang Takir in Kuala Nerus December 16, 2019. — Bernama pic

KUALA NERUS, Dec 16 — The Terengganu Civil Defence Force (APM) has advised the public to stay away from the “Miami Beach” coastline in Seberang Takir due to the strong waves and rough sea condition.

Bernama check found that quite a large number of people were still adamant and would stop by the roadside to watch the high tide phenomenon to the extent of causing traffic congestion.

Terengganu APM deputy operation director Major Syed Azam Shah Syed Baharom said despite the many notices given by the APM and the police, the public still flocked to the area, turning it into a kind of a carnival site, especially at night.

“The waves were extraordinarily strong last night and the seawater overflowed to the road.

“We have asked the public to leave the area, but to no avail. In fact, more people came to watch the phenomenon with total disregard for their safety and the safety of their families,” he told Bernama when met at the scene last night.

Syed Azam said the overflow of seawater could cause the road to be slippery and dangerous for road users.

To ensure public safety, he said the APM would be monitoring and patrolling the 5km stretch of the coastal road once every five hours.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department (MET Malaysia) had earlier issued a warning of strong northeasterly wind of 50-60km/h with waves as high as 4.5m in the coastal areas of Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang and East Johor until Monday.

Meanwhile, Terengganu Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) head of customer service Mohd Nazri Puteh said 15 electricity substations prone to be affected by floods would be upgraded for public convenience and safety.

He said the substations were mostly located in the northern area of the state, such as Setiu and Besut.

“After the massive flood in 2014, TNB has spent RM200,000 to upgrade 60 substations in Besut and Kemaman.

“So, this time around, 15 substations will be upgraded to prevent them from being inundated by flood and affect power supply to the consumers,” he said when met at the TNB’s meet-and-greet with Terengganu Media yesterday. — Bernama

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