Huge python captured, ends up feeding Sarawakian village

Picture of the captured python from Facebook.
Picture of the captured python from Facebook.

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PETALING JAYA, Feb 12 — It was excitement for hunters from a settlement in Sungai Kelawit in Bintulu, Sarawak when they chanced upon a huge “Anaconda Sarawak” — a python.

While many would have shirked in horror at the sight of it, it was probably shrieks of delight instead for locals, as the reptile is considered a culinary delight in the community.

The female serpent measuring almost six metres and weighing over 100 kilogrames, was mating with a smaller male serpent when it was found.

Coconuts reported that villager Tinsung Ujang saying he shot the snakes after several locals moved them to a four-wheel drive vehicle.

Both snakes were then cut up and divided to be shared equally with all villagers as well as nearby farm workers.

Photos of the reptilian discovery were viral on Facebook after they were uploaded on Friday.

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