BFM journalist gets death, rape threats over video questioning hudud

A screenshot of the ‘Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi? [Kupas]’ video posted on YouTube.
A screenshot of the ‘Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi? [Kupas]’ video posted on YouTube.

KUALA LUMPUR, March 20 ― BFM journalist Aisyah Tajuddin has received death and rape threats over a video of her questioning if implementing hudud law can fix the economy.

The video titled “Hudud Isi Periuk Nasi? [Kupas]” (Does hudud fill our rice bowls?) that was uploaded on the business radio station’s website and on its YouTube channel yesterday shows Aisyah pointing out that even as Kelantan is attempting to implement hudud, the east coast state is facing other problems like its homeless flood victims, as well as increasing drug and divorce cases.

“Religion is used to distract the people from important issues like the economy and governance,” Aisyah said in Malay in the video.

“It’s the same with the issues this country is facing. People argue over race and religion while the country’s economy is declining. Our debts go up instead. When the time comes, I don’t know if hudud can fill our rice bowls,” she added.

Kelantan, ruled by Islamist party PAS, passed amendments to the Shariah Criminal Code II 1993 yesterday in a bid to enforce hudud law in the state ― despite fierce opposition from its Pakatan Rakyat (PR) allies the DAP and PKR.

PAS is expected to table private members’ bills in Parliament in May to remove legal roadblocks in the implementation of the Islamic penal code that punishes apostasy with the death penalty and theft with amputation of limbs.

The BFM video questioning hudud has gone viral and attracted a slew of criticisms from social media users with Malay names, who accused Aisyah of insulting Islam and attacked the journalist with physical threats and sexist slurs like “whore” and “*****”.

Facebook page Kelantan Story & Jj Stall Story posted the video yesterday and said in its post: “More insults against Kelantan and Islam throughout the world. What should we do with this sort of person?”

“Burn her alive,” wrote a Facebook user called Hairul Azzua.

Facebook user called Inche Oleh wrote: “Wait till I rape you, woman.”

Another Facebook user, named Hajjee Azz Abdul, called Aisyah a “stupid *****”.

A YouTube user called Khairul Azri commented on the video-sharing site: “If I see you in front of me, I’ll shoot you in the head.”

Other Facebook users urged the authorities to take action against Aisyah for “insulting” Islam, accusing her of questioning God’s law and the Kelantan sultan who had expressed his desire for hudud to be implemented in the state.

Several social media users also criticised Aisyah for not wearing a headscarf and called for her to be struck down with lightning, also saying she would burn in hell.

Kelantan Mentri Besar Datuk Ahmad Yakob said Wednesday that those who brand hudud law as inhumane are immoral liars.

A BFM spokesman declined comment when Malay Mail Online asked if the radio station will lodge a police report.

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