KUALA LUMPUR, July 2 — Tesla’s Cybertruck has been gaining attention for more than its futuristic design. Various online videos have demonstrated how dangerous the car can be...to your fingers.

Cars often have what is called “anti-pinch” that prevents serious injury on closing power windows, motorised tailgates and other parts of the car where getting an appendage trapped is a real risk.

The Cybertruck notably has demonstrated a lack of pinch protection, with too many online videos showing fingers trapped or caught in the hood of the cars.

Tesla released an OTA software update that claimed to enhance the Cybertruck’s pinch protection.

Content creator Jeremy Judkins tested the update using a banana, his own arm and his finger. Sadly he found himself slightly panicked in the last test as his finger was painfully trapped in the hood crevice.

Proton has sent up Judkins’ attempt by creating an Instagram reel that demonstrates how the X50 does in similar situations where anti-pinch would be useful.

The demonstrator enthusiastically demonstrates how safe the car boot door is by sitting in the boot, placing his hand and even his foot in the boot as the door closes and even sticking his hand out the window and the sun roof, with neither device causing any form of injury.

Have a look at the video below: